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Products include broadloom carpet, carpet tiles, sheet vinyl flooring, vinyl tiles, axminster carpet, commercial sheet vinyl, end rolls, short ends, factory seconds, discontinued lines, synthetic grass, astroturf, indoor-outdoor carpet, boat carpet, marine carpet, swimming pool carpet, vinyl planks, vinyl plank tiles, floating floor, laminate flooring, bamboo floating floor, underlays, glue, adhesive, finishing trims, door trims, stair nosings, nails, stain remover, floor stripper, floor care starter pack, protective finish and flooring protective systems for construction zones.

Wrinkly, wrinkled or rippled Carpets, rugs, runners, mats, hall runners, body carpets, carpet squares , entry mats, door mats, magic carpets will be a thing of the past.

Wrinkly or wrinkled and ripply Carpets, rugs, runners, mats, hall runners, body carpets, carpet squares , entry mats, door mats, magic carpets will be a thing of the past. no more trip hazards. No more ripples, rippling, curly ,moving, sliding, slipping, creeping , gathering, rucking and other frustrating movements.Every carpet has a pile direction

The shot above shows the pile lean on a normal carpet. This one to the right shows the pile brushed one way and the one below is of the same carpet, same place , but brushed the opposite way.  Note the difference in colours or shading. This is caused by foot traffic and is often confused with soiling or wearing out. I did this in 2 strokes with my hand. Loop pile carpets will show less than plush pile. The example above is a twist pile nylon. The composition does not mean much , but there is a carpet available which will not show this condition very much.

The main point is that the pile lean direction is always one way and any carpet or other flat surface placed on top of the main carpet will move in that direction, and only that one direction, as the pile reacts to the pressure of walking back and forth

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Ask us about rug stop rug lock carpet stay , pickup or delivery via post or courier . About 3 days from order date.

A carpet overlocking service is available at reasonable rates.